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There are over 120,000 species of flies worldwide, posing a threat to humans and animals because they carry and spread diseases. Common diseases spread by flies in the UK are; Salmonella and E Coil. These are carried on their legs and small hairs on their body, so when they land of your food it is transferred onto that surface waiting for you to take a bite. They breed and mature very quickly so a small flies problem will soon turn into a serious situation.

Mosquitoes are larger than flies and bring the same risk; however diseases are transferred as they bite into you to retrieve your blood. Furthermore mosquitoes are found near water where flies tend to be around food and waste.

Health and Safety - Both can and will spread diseases to both humans and animals, either through foods or contact.

Annoyance - Whether is whilst eating / preparing food or just around the house, you won't be alone, noise and constant fear of being touched will become very annoying.
Sign's of Flies / Mosquitoes

  • Presence, if you're constantly seeing a few flies around your house, it can suggest there is an infestation near or within your house and theres more to come.
  • Maggot, These are flies in the early stages, which can indicate a potential breeding site.
  • Dark Clusters, dark spots in light areas around the house, mostly in corners of the room.