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If you have a wasp problem it is likely to be either the Common or German Wasp, practically identical to each other. Both are known for being an annoyance and stinging without any hesitation, their sting can be severely painful, especially if you get an allergic reaction. If you have a nest, do not attempt to remove it yourself, there could be up to 20,000 wasps and you wouldn't want to aggravate them. Click here to learn more about Wasp Nest Removals

Health and Safety - Their stings are painful and can cause allergic reactions, which can be fatal.

Damage - Wasps mainly build their nests outside in tree trunks and flowerbeds, however they can be found in loft spaces causing damage, nuisance and a high risk to safety.
Sign's of Wasps

  • High Quantity, if you are noticing a high number of wasps within your garden frequently then there may be a nest close by. A wasp's nest is made from chewed wood and saliva mainly found in trees or lofts.
  • Noise, if a nest is inside your loft you will be able to hear the buzzing sound.