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Bird Control


can cause all types of problems or concerns to house holds.

Human Disease Transmission - With over 100 pathogens carried by Birds that can and will effect human health.

Safety - Bird droppings are a serious slip hazard, especially on pathways and outside doors. Reports from people being attacked by


whilst carrying food outside.

Property Damage - Bird droppings produce ammonia which can decay stones, causing damage to houses. Roofs and gutters can be damaged by bird activity.

Image and Nuisance - Where birds stay there is always nests, leaving foul smells and views. Bird droppings on people, cars and drives causing extra cleaning. As well as noise level in quiet hours.

Sign's of


  • Droppings, can be found on driveways, on cars or patios. If you are constantly having to clean up a large quantity regularly you could have

    bird problem

  • Noise, especially in the morning, from roof tops or near by trees.
  • Nests, check on roof tops, in guttering and inside lofts.
  • Sightings, if you are regularly seeing birds flying around your roof this could suggest a nesting site.