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Ant Control

There are three main types of


you will find on your land, the common black


which nests outdoors however will visit inside your house searching for food. The Pharaohs and Ghost ant that prefer the warm indoor comfort and will nest inside your premises.


do not present any health problems themselves; however during there travels they walk over drains and wast products which means they are able to carry bacteria onto your food and work surfaces, therefore contaminating it. They love the same food we do and have no problem biting their way through cardboard to get a bite.

Health and Safety, They can cross contaminate your food buy by touch due to their long journey through your garden beforehand.

Nuisance, It's not a great sight to sit down and start eating just to see ants crawling around the table and on your plates looking for their share. Or even outside on the patio, where ants are capable of creating small sand piles in between slabs or bricks when they enter or leave their nest
Sign's of


  • Presence, if you see the odd few ants then don't be alarmed they may just be searching for food and leave, however there may be coloniesnearby, in walls or within the garden, then you have a problem.
  • Nesting, Ant nests can look like a small piles of soil or dirt, if you see them close to your home it can be a possible source for an