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Mice Control

Mice are extremely common


and are known for building nests and homes inside walls or lofts. With a high breeding rate they can quickly grow and outnumber your household, causing many issues from health and safety to damage and distress.

Health and Saftey -


carry just as many diseases as


which are harmful to humans, especially new born babies or children.

Damage to Property -


teeth continuously grown. They have to wear them down otherwise they would not be able to survive. Mice will do this by gnawing at pipes, electric cables and wood work. This can cause further damage to your home by flooding or starting a fire, inevitably costing you more money.

Sign's of Mice


  • Dropping, they are unsanitary


    , leaving about 80 droppings a night which are small and dark, oftern found near food sources or around walls.
  • Scratching sounds, they are not quite, noises in the walls, underfloorboards or above ceilings.
  • Nests, Mice use soft and easy to obtain materials inside and outisde your home, look under floorboards, in lofts anf cavity walls.
  • Tracks, in dusty conditions, footprints can be found throughout your house leading to their nests and the routes they oftern take.