An intergrated pest management approach to

pest control

is the only way to remove and keep pests out of your residential or comercial property.

Here at TopCat we not only specialise in the removal of pests from your premises but provide free advice on preventative measures to stop them returning.

TopCat's fully trained technicians will identify your pests and the pathways they are using to enter your building and provide suitable control measures to stop them, ensuring your premises remain pest free.

Rodent Proofing






are very destructive in any void or roof space as they can shred insulation, chew timbers and power cables which in turn creates a fire hazard. Birds can be a health hazard spreading disease through their guano which is also very unsightly.

TopCat can proof your residential or business premises against rats, mice, birds and squirrels. We use top quality materials which include netting, metal grills and cement to name but a few.

Prevention is better than cure. Stop pests entering your premises. TopCat will provide quality proofing at an affordable price.



Spikes - Anti-Roosting Bird Spikes prevent Pigeons, Gulls and other bird species from perching on your property without hurting the bird. Spikes are the pest control industry standard method of protecting private properties, offices and industrial buildings.

Netting -


netting is one of the most popular methods used for excluding pest birds such as Gulls, Starlings and Feral Pigeons from all types of objects, openings and structures.

Cleaning Service – We are fully trained in the removal of waste and the cleaning and sanitisation of areas that have been contaminated by bird guano.
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