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Squirrel Control

The grey


, also known as the Sciurus Carolinensis is perceived to be a cute friendly animal that you see at the park. However they can become an annoyance, beside the occasional noise or chasing after your dog.

Damage -




meaning they have to wear there teeth down by gnawing. This will cause damage to trees in your garden and if they gain entry to your loft by creating holes they can cause damage to your piping and electrical work.

Health and Saftey - Squirrels will occasionally bite or attack when there food source is being removed or touched. Damaged pipes can crack and burst. Which can be extremely dangers in certain situations. They can also fall into your cold water tank which would be unpleasant.

Nuisance - They will eat at any food growing in your garden, frequently raiding bird tables and feeders. Scaring birds away, which is welcomed by some households but not others.

Sign's of Squirrels

  • Drey,feeding signs; such as pinecones where the wings have been stripped off, tooth marks on fungi or damages to trees and bark.
  • Droppings, vary in shape and color but very similar to rabbits and rats.
  • Tracks, very visible in mud or snow,


    mostly move using branches and fences however there will be tracks on the ground because that's where the food is.
  • Sightings, Squirrels are diurnal, which means they are awake during the day and can be seen.