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Spider Control



like the warmth and dry, therefore after the summer you will see an increase number of spiders throughout your house. There are approximately 650 different species within the UK, only a handful will bite or attack you and that's still on a rare occasion. They are not dangerous however they do cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

Health and safety, there is in an increase in Arachnophobia (fear of


) though the UK, this can cause stress and anxiety to most people.

Annoyance, constantly clearing up cobwebs throughout your household.

Sing's of Spiders

  • Presence, spiders are normally within corners or tight areas of a room, or behind storages. They are likely to be alone, however if one can get in then more can and will try, especially if it's a suitable environment.
  • Cobwebs, can be found in corners, of between tight spaces, normally where


    can be caught, they are built very quickly.