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Bed Bug Control


Bed Bugs

are a constant


throughout the country due to their ability to move from one place to another and grow rapidly in numbers very quickly. They tend to hang on to clothings and luggage to move from one place to another or even one country to another. Once established in their new home they will nest near food sources, bedrooms are favourites. Breeding will start quickly, a small problem will turn servere very quickly.

Health and Safety,

Bed bugs

feed on humans, they do not carry diseases however their bites can cause an annoyance and the urge to scratch which can cause secondary health problems.

Sign's of Bed Bugs

  • Smell, there may be an unpleasant, musty scent in rooms with a large infestation. Adult


    produce this odour with their scent glands when disturbed
  • Skin rash or bites, if you are constantly waking up with new bites or rashes on your body, then your house may be infested. You may mistake bed bug bites to mosquitoes however, bed bugs tend to bite in straight lines or in a pattern were mosquitoes bite anywhere.
  • Black spots, these can be either blood spots on your bed from bites during the night or feacal matter.
  • Bed Bugs Themselves, adults are only 4-5 mm long and can be seen by the naked eye.