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Flea Control


are very small


that live on the hair of


, therefore making it very hard to notice them. They feed on the blood of the host


allowing them to breed more regularly. They are very hard to treat because they breed rapidly and continually spread, the most common


in the UK is the cat flea.

Health and Safety, Cat fleas do not carry any diseases, the dog flea is the intermediate host of a tape worm. The bites of fleas can be an irritant as you will scratch them and possibly cause an infection.

Pets, If Your pests have fleas you will need to take them to the veterinarian in order for them to be treated.


will deal with an infestation within your home.

Sign's of Fleas

  • Presence, Fleas are very hard to see, around 1mm long. Best seen on flat smooth surfaces, especially if they are moving around.
  • Bites, they feed on blood from humans and pets, humans are mainly bitten on the ankels due to them being on the floor, so it's very hard to see however if you suddenly get itching sensations regularly it can be a sign of fleas.
  • Pests Scratching, pets are also bitten, so if you notice they are continually scratching themselves more than they normally it's advisable to get them checked as soon as possible. Therefore the situation can be stopped before it gets worse.