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Cockroach Control

There are a number of


you can find lurking around your house such as the German and Oriental cockroach. They all carry many diseases that can harm you. Being able to breed rapidly and can become resistant to the same poison if given regularly, they are extremely hard to get rid of.

Health and Safety - They carry and spread diseases constantly, whether it's, Salmonella or gastroenteritis. These diseases are picked up on their legs whilst being around waste food and drains, then once they walk over your food it is instantly transferred and waiting for you to eat. They can also cause allergic reactions and increase the severity of asthma.

Damage - Cockroaches will try and break through containers and storage's to get to food as well as walls, skirting boards, and floor boards.

Sign's of Cockroaches

  • Presence, They are nocturnal insects, they live and feed in the dark, hardly ever coming into the light. Therefore you will rarely see one unless you suddenly flick a switch or look in specific places. However if you do see one they are unlucky to be alone.
  • Smell, Most species emit an unpleasant smell, a strong oily or a musty odour can be smelt near nestlings.
  • Droppings, Looks like black pepper grain and also emit a strong smell. They will be found near nests and on their routes through your house.