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Rat Control



are a serious public health hazard, they are responsible for spreading countless major diseases. They usually live outside but can venture into homes, where by they will cause damage and contaminate food.

Health and Saftey -


carry and spread many diseases, if inside your home they will look for food; inevitably contaminating food sources. They leave droppings and shed body hair every day, spreading more bacteria.

Damage -


teeth continously grow. They have to wear them down otherwise they would not be able to survive. Rats will do this by gnawing at pipes, electric cables and wood work. This can cause further damage to your home by flooding or starting a fire, inevitably costing you more money to repair.

Sign's of Rats


  • Droppings, dark brown / black, 10mm in length and spindle shaped, Usually found in open concentrated areas.
  • Bite Marks, found on walls, wood and floor boards. Their teeth don't stop growing so they erode them by chewing on objects.
  • Tracks, very visible in mud and snow, however footprints can be see on clean surfaces and floors.